Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stick a Fork in him....

Mr Buck is DONE! I am thrilled to say the least. I seriously thought this one would never get there. It did and I am happy and can now move on.

I had a wonderful day with my oldest daughter Jess. She came over recipe book and groceries in hand and once again cooked me a fabulous lunch! She made a dish called Campanelle with creamy Tomato-Clam Sauce from a Pampered Chef recipe book called 29 Minutes to Dinner, it was yummy! I loved the light Vodka Sauce and had never heard of campanelle noodles. Like Jess said, she really liked the trumpet shaped noodles because they really held onto the sauce. She is right. This dish also had buttery bread crumbs on top. Doesn't it look like something off of a cooking show in the picture I took? YUMMY! Thank you again Jess! I sure hope this gets to be a habit! Isn't she cute still in her hat to cover her bed-head!

I wont be starting my December project yet...have to wait for my Dupioni Silk to come in the mail first! Hows that for a teaser Lynn and Carol?? That's all you are getting for now! Hugs everyone.

PS. Maddux starts a whole new protocol today on Meds to see if we can lick these fevers. Cross your fingers for him (and me too) I pray it works for my little pei-by.


Anonymous said...

Jess is so cute and lunch looks YUMMY! Mr. Buck turned out awesome! Can't wait to see how the next project comes along!

Finger and toes crossed for Maddy and you! XOXO

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Tracey. XXXXXXXX for Maddy.

I saw your post on Beadchat looking for Dupioni Silk. I was WONDERING what you had up your sleeve. Not even a clue, huh? What is Jess's EM addy. Maybe we can pump her for info!

Its so sweet that your daughter came to cook for you, and the dish sounded fab! Lucky you.

pam T said...

Mr. Buck turned out fabulous, Tracey!!! Can't wait to see what you are going to do next.
Your daughter is wonderful to come fix you meals! It looks like it was great...I am training my daughter for that... although on my b.d. she did toast me a bagel! lol!
Hope Maddy does well, for both of you!

Sabine said...

Congratulations on your really beautiful buck picture! After finishing that, you absolutely deserved being pampered by your daughter with a yummy dish.


Lynn said...

My mouth is watering! Jess is a sweetpea (just like her mommy). Mr. Buck is perfect. I will take comfort in the fact that although you are being very secretive about your next bjp page, it will be worth the wait :)

Hugs to that Maddy Dog!

heidibeads said...

Mr. Buck is great, I like the way he stands out in front of the scenery as handsome as can be. Lunch looks wonderful, when are we all coming over?! :)

Jacquie said...

Mr. buck came out wonderful, and the post has my mouth watering for some vodka pasta. Rachel Ray had a recipe for that on her site and I tried it. It has no clam juice in it however.

Rose Anne B said...

WOW that is a very very nice scene and it ALL turned out awesomely!!! I'm sure you made Mr. Buck very proud to be chosen as your journal piece!

flyingbeader said...

That is a lovely piece & yes, hunting is all in the scheme of Life & Death. My father was a butcher & I use to watch him. He said a prayer to each animal's souls & thanked them for nourishing our bodies.


Marty S said...

Whew! At first I thought you were eating Mr. Buck! He's nice enough to make a person become a vegetarian. Lovely beading.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Robin said...

Mr. Buck is now in my BJP picture archive... He is definitely one of my favorites for the year!!! I love what he represents and I love how you placed him in his natural element... proud, alert, beautiful! I took quite a bit of time looking at the enlarged version, appreciating all of the beautiful details (like the bark of the trees and the shadows cast by the tree trunks). The details are so subtle that in the smaller version of the picture I never get past Mr. Buck, who commands my full attention. Excellent!

You've had a long haul with Maddux... I hope the new treatment will be successful.

I didn't comment earlier, but want to tell you how great your ornaments and pins are... I love that you showed them all together because I could appreciate the variations in the coloring!

Jess and the dish she made look fabulous!

Take care, Robin A.

Timaree said...

I'm a little behind on visiting everyone. Your buck looks terrific. Aren't you glad you never gave up on him?

Poor Maddux. I sure hope something works for hime.