Thursday, February 26, 2009

I survived turning 50!!

YAY! I did it! I am now 50 and completely over it. I don't know why I had myself all worked up. I feel the same today as i did Tuesday when I was 49. Crazy woman! I had a wonderful day. Lots of calls, text messages and cards. Heard from my 2 nephews in Texas which was great. Courtney and Kileigh spent the day with me. We had ribs and baked potatoes which was a treat since I have been dieting since November. It tasted like a million bucks. Now back to reality and eating healthy. I actually bought a small Birthday Cake and am very proud to say I ate maybe a 2"X2" piece and am going to throw the rest away. Wasteful, yes, but I needed something sweet and I had it and am done with it. I would rather have a big piece of fresh pineapple than another piece of cake. Maybe I am finally getting it about eating healthy and your body being a temple and all that gobbildy-gook!

Anyway, still have my December page set aside for decisions at a later date. Here is the progress on February. I am doing this piece in all Pinks, Raspberries, gilt-lined opal type colors. I am adding a splash of gold too! So far, so good. I have big plans for the inside of the heart...stay tuned for that! I hope to keep moving along on this one because I have plans in mind for March and am chomping at the bit to get to work on that one! First things first though. One bead at a time! Hugs to everyone and thanks for all the well-wishes and Happy Birthday wishes too!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I am Lost!

I am not happy with my progress on my December page. I have decided to move onto February instead, and possibly re-think December! I just am not enjoying the process of my December page. It is hard to make yourself work on something you just aren't enjoying! maybe if I set it aside and work on something different, I will feel differently about it. is the progress so far on both my December and February pieces. I love pink and raspberry tones and that's what I am going to use on my February page. This is a huge month for me. On February 25th, I will be 50 years young! I can hardly believe it myself. Some days I feel every bit 50, other days I don't. When I look in the mirror, I don't see someone who looks 50. I see someone who still feels 25. I know age is just a number, but this milestone is bugging me!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Decembers page

Here is my progress this far! In case anyone is not familiar with Nancy Eha's work, it can be seen here. When I saw her kaleidoscope, it screamed Snowflake to me, so I decided to give it a try. The pattern is in her Bead Creative Bead Quilts book. This is what I got done yesterday. I wish you could see the sparkle of the Swarovski sequins. It is so pretty but this photo doesn't capture that so you will have to use your imagination. I am going to do a simple page this month to capture the beauty of a snowflake on my silk. Have a wonderful weekend, more updates soon!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The beginnings...

of my December BJP! Finally I have taken the time to sit down and start my December page. I have a beautiful piece of Dupioni Silk picked out in a Peacock blue color. I also picked out several colors of white, silver and blue seeds in sizes 15 and 11. I need to pick out lots of accent beads too, but that will have to wait until I get a little further along. Have you seen the Swarovski Crystal Sequins?? They are gorgeous and I will be using several of them as well. I picked a 3mm Crystal AB sequin for this page. I am excited to get started on this one, because the faster I get December done, the sooner I can start February's piece. I have that one done in my head, and I am anxious to start. First things first though. On to December! I will post an update tomorrow. Tonight we are off to my daughter Jessica's house for cards and pizza. She and her hubby Mike are leaving for Mexico in 5 days (lucky girl) so this will be our last chance to spend time with the 2 of them before they leave. Jess has to work at the hospital the next few days until they leave. I just know they are going to have a great time.

PS. I dont know if I have posted about this or not, but my other Son-in-law Brandon is due to deploy to Iraq very soon. It was his birthday yesterday, so I send him warm Birthday wishes. He is away for more training right now. Happy Birthday Brando! Hurry home.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Winnings

Here is what Susan won on my last freebie-friday giveaway! She was very happy with her winnings. I have a project I am working on for a bead pattern designer - I am one of her Bead faeries and I am working up one of her patterns so she can put it up for sale. It is taking up all my bead time right now, so nothing to report on my December BJP yet! I started a practice piece, but wasn't thrilled with it so I will be tearing that one apart and starting over again. Hopefully my bead choice will be better on that one! Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I picked beads Must have had rose-colored glasses on or something! Yikes, trust me it was not good.

Got some good news today about my Husbands accident. As strange as it sounds, looks like the Sheriff will be the one at fault in this crash. Seems like the re-creation of the accident showed he was traveling at a much higher than stated rate of speed when the crash happened. At the very least, it will be 70-30 the troopers fault. That is very good news for us, as we weren't sure if my hubby was getting a citation or not. Looks like prayers do work! I know I said enough of them myself since that happened.