Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well Hello There!

Yes, I am alive and kicking! I hope I am kicking some serious virus butt! basically I have been sick since late February with about a 1 week break. My poor lungs have been seriously ill. Once again back to Urgent Care last week and 6 days later, to my Family Dr. Seems I had some fluid in my lungs which was causing a high fever and general sick feeling. I am hoping that I am finally getting over the worst of it! I have so missed being able to look at every ones pretty creations, as well as doing some creating of my own! Finally yesterday I felt well enough to give it a go. I am still waiting on the final components of my February page, so I decided to set it aside and start work on another month. I have started on my April piece. I am calling it "The Circle of Life" and you will see the beginnings soon. I think its going to be lots of fun.

Also, for those of you who asked to see Kileigh in her sweater and cap - here you go a little baby cheesecake! Enjoy!
Happy 15 month Birthday today little Ki, your Gammy loves you!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Up Up and Away!

I just got home from seeing my youngest Daughter Courtney and our little Grand baby Kileigh off to Texas. They are flying out to see Courtney's Husband Brandon off to Iraq. His squadron is deploying This week. I am really nervous about the 2 girls flying, even though they are in the company of another Army Wife and Daughter. I don't think Moms and grandmothers ever get used to their loved ones being out of the state (and our vision) I guess it comes with the territory of loving someone. I am always happiest when I know right where my children and grandchild are!

Good news is, I managed to get Kileigh's sweater done for the trip. I hear its still a little chilly in Texas at night, so I am hoping she will wear it on her trip at least once or twice and know all the love her gammy put into it for her! I learned so much making this sweater. I learned I CAN do whatever I set my mind to. I learned how to pick up stitches for buttonhole bands and collars. I learned I do not like doing buttonholes and then trying to line up the holes evenly spaced and then manage to have the buttons sewed on in the right place! All in all, I am fairly happy with the end result. I am proud of myself for sticking to it even when I wanted to give up and that's what its all about right? Hopefully tomorrow I will get some time to work on my Bead Journal since I am now almost 3 months behind! Actually a little over 2 since February's is almost done. Still waiting on the final piece to finish it off. Hopefully this week. I want to start on things for the new Grand baby on the way! Hugs to everyone!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Moving along or Close, but no cigar!

Not quite as far as I would like to be, but I am showing some progress I guess! I feel as though I will never be done with this piece. I am definitely feeling the pressure of being behind. I am quite happy with the way its turning out so far. I will be posting a teaser picture in the next couple of days though! See if anyone can tell where I am going with it.....I love to keep it entertaining!

It seems as thought I have developed yet another hobby...just what I need! I started a sweater for little Kileigh quite some time ago. Well, to make a long story short, I am FAR from an accomplished knitter. I found a pattern that said Easy. For me, it was not easy! I really thought I could do it, but quickly found myself lost in mumbo-jumbo language that may as well have been Greek. I put it aside and really completely forgot about it. With the news of another Grand-baby coming, I again went to the thought of I should make him/her something. While digging around in my front closet aka the Black Hole, I came across the afore-mentioned sweater in progress. For some reason, I felt compelled to finish it or at least give it another try. I am now almost done with it! All I need to do is pick up some stitches to finish the collar, sew it together at the seams and sew on the buttons! I am so proud of myself. I have no idea why I was so overwhelmed before that I gave up on the sweater, only to be doing just fine with the same pattern as before. I will post pictures of the finished sweater when I get it completely done. I had plans on finishing it up tonight, but had to do yet another Shar Pei beaded pin, so had to do that instead. Maybe tomorrow? Wish me luck! I then already have the yarn to make another surprise for Mike and Jessicas little one. I LOVE Grandbabies!

PS. 3 months today Maddux has been fever-free!! YAY!!