Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4-1-12

This week was another wonderful week weather wise in Wisconsin. Lots of sunny days and in the 70's most days. Ideal weather for picture taking. I spent several days out by myself, and another full day out with Kim. We went back to the airport for breakfast and were joined by my Daughter Jess and Grandangel Ethan. He loves to watch the planes come in for landing. There were several this week so he was thrilled. After that Kim and I headed out to a new spot for her, and took some shots. Everything is in full bloom right now, and bugs and butterflies are starting to make a comeback, so we got some good shots. I love seeing all the new plant shoots, and the flowering trees are just beautiful right now. Makes me anxious for real spring/summer and all of the beauty and life that goes along with the warm temperatures. Have a great week and get out there and enjoy nature! Thanks for stopping by. Now, on to the Scavenger Hunt. The prompts for this week are: Clouds, Sun Flare, Seven, High Angle and Low Angle.


Sun Flare
I wasn't even sure what a Sun Flare was, thanks Kim!

Seven sweet little dandelions my Grandangel Kileigh gave me yesterday.

Red Winged Blackbird


I Heart Macro 4-1-12

studio waterstone
I cannot believe it is April already!! This winter flew by, maybe because it wasn't really a true winter! At this point, I really don't care because I am so ready for spring and even summer. I havent gotten to shoot any pictures with my camera in the spring season since I just got it in September. I am really enjoying all of the new things I am seeing. I find I really look at things differently now that I am looking at the world through my camera's lens. I have a new found appreciation for all things nature. All I can say is bring it on! I am ready!
 American Painted Lady
 Comma Butterfly

 Red Admiral Butterfly

Brown Fruit Chafer Beetle
Comma Butterfly
Mourning Cloak Butterfly
This week was a beautiful one weather wise. Lots of sun and temperatures in the 70's. Just perfect for spending lots of time outside. I went out several days on my own, and was also lucky enough to spend a day outside with Kim. I had a hard time choosing which ones to use because I got so many nice ones. Have a great week!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Heart Macro 3-25-12

studio waterstone
It was another great week weather wise. Nice and warm and sunny. We started out the day at a little cafe on our airport grounds with Jess, Ethan and Kileigh. They have wonderful breakfasts, and the little ones can watch the planes land while eating. Not too much action for planes that day, but as we were getting ready to leave a little Air Force plane landed and the pilot asked us if the little ones wanted to sit in the plane. He was so nice to them and they loved it. After that,  Kim and I decided to spend yet another day hiking at JSOL in Janesville. JSOL is short for Janesville School Outdoor Lab. It is a heavily wooded area with hiking trails. You can get a good cardiovascular workout, which Kim and I can attest to! This area is known for several rare species of birds, butterflies and plants. We spent some nice quiet time by the creek that runs through it, eating our snacks, chatting and checking each other for ticks. We found 5 that day, none attached but still creepy! Despite this, it is truly a paradise for nature lovers. All of my shots are from that day. If you look at Kims blog, you may see some similar shots!! Have a wonderful week and thank you for visiting!
 We almost missed these sweet little wildflowers.
 Last years berries with this years new growth.
 Another wildflower. I need a book to be able to identify them!
 Tiny little hopper of some sort.
 I think this almost looks like a watercolor painting.
Sweet little tiny bee.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3-18-12

Whew! Another week has come and gone. It was a lovely week, lots of time spent outside, which is so good for my soul! Kim and I had a great time outside, taking 100's of photos, learning new things and identifying new birds and insects and even picking up a few ticks! We always have such a good time and like to find new places to go. This week we spent a couple of days out wandering around in the woods, trying to find photos to fit the prompts for this weeks Scavenger Hunt. I always love it when there are animal or nature subjects to search for. Here are the prompts for this week's hunt:

1. Vintage
2. Word or Quote
3. Nature's Own
4. People
5. Photographer's Choice

And here are the Photos!

Actual Pioneer log cabin built in the 1800's rebuilt in this spot in 2000

So true!


Who knew there would be Butterflies in March?? Here are 2 rare species, a Coma and a Gray Comma Butterfly. They are drinking tree sap. 

I sure hope these people didn't mind me taking their pictures! 

Sunset Friday night

Yes, 2 shots! Hey, it's my blog :)

I Heart Macro 3-18-12

studio waterstone
Welcome back! What a wonderful week it was here in Wisconsin! We hit temperatures in the 80's this past week. I think spring is here, or are we skipping Spring and heading right into Summer? Kim and I spent a couple of days out in Nature this week since the weather was so beautiful. It is wonderful to see more and more signs of life out there, whether its plant, animal, or insect life, doesnt matter to us! I hope you enjoy my photos. Have a wonderful week and get out there and enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer!

 One of the first Butterflies to come back in the spring is the beautiful Gray Comma Butterfly. It is drinking sap from this tree.
 Moss is shooting up new growth.
 New growth on this plant.
 Look at those beady little eyes!

 Yup, it's Spring :)
 Flowers on some kind of tree.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

World Bird Wednesday 3-13-12


HI! It has been a few weeks since I took part in World Bird Wednesday. I don't know why I haven't, I just haven't! I went out Sunday on a mission to get a decent picture of an American Robin. I have been seeing them everywhere lately. I always feel the familiar sight of a Robin is what lets me know Spring is just around the corner. I look for this sight more than I believe what the Groundhog sees on Groundhogs Day. I got this lucky shot while seeing the first Robin of the day! Take a look at my older post for more bird shots. Have a great week and Thank you for visiting me today!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Heart Macro 3-11-12

studio waterstone
Welcome back! It is already time for another I heart Macro post. As I said in my previous post, the weather here in Wisconsin has been incredibly warm. We have had 6" of snow as well as weather in the 60's this past week! I think Mother Nature is having mood swings! Makes for some interesting shots, some with snow and ice, and a couple of days later, warm and sunny without a trace of snow on the ground. Gotta love it!
I was lucky enough to spend some time outside with my Sister-in-law and wonderful friend Kim. We always have the best time together. We spend time together at least once a week, but I wish it were much more. Its always a great time, and we always end up cracking each other up about something. I am glad we share so much in common, from Photography to Beadwork, tea and our families.  Love you Kim!
Anyway, on to the Macro shots, which is really why you are here, right?
Simple little flower stalk.
Tree bark with sparkly water in the background.
I liked the warm sun and the colors of this one.
Cool icicle
Shocking rust tones against such a gray background.
Mossy Log

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3-11-12

Scavenger Hunt Sunday
Did you miss me last week? I skipped yet another week (2nd one this year) because truthfully, I just was not inspired by the prompts last week. I know, I should have at least tried to complete the hunt. After all, it is good to have your creativity challenged and all that happy stuff! I promise, I will try harder next time!
We have had a VERY mild winter this year in Wisconsin. A week ago last Friday we got 6+ inches of snow, 3 days later it was in the 60's! Haredly makes any sense at all. Because of Mother Natures mood swings, you will see some pictures with snow, and some without and bright and sunny. I am not complaining! While we are in between seasons, not really Winter, but not really spring either, I am getting so anxious for permanent warm weather with bugs, butterflies and GREEN! I absolutely cannot wait. I dont think I will ever be home when its warm. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Here are the prompts for this weeks Scavenger Hunt!

Canadian Goose on the freezing water.


I thought the way the light was dancing off the water in the background of this shot was so cool!

Time to make some chocolate chip cookies!

This hawk hovered over me and let me take several shots of it before it flew away! Lately I see hawks where ever I go! 

The trees and telephone wires are crowded with birds! I love the expression on the bigger birds face. It looks like he is enjoying the sun as much as I am!

Well, there you have it! I hope you have a wonderful week. Check back next week for the next edition of Scavenger Hunt Sunday! I can't wait!!