Sunday, March 24, 2013

Focus on Life Weeks 11 & 12

>52 week badge

OOPS! how the heck did that happen? Somehow time got away from me and I missed posting a couple weeks. I guess this post will have to cover the two weeks I am behind. Maybe because I have been spending so much time out in the woods, or walking along the river? Maybe because I havent taken the time to post because it takes time away from photography or family time? Maybe I'm just lazy?? No matter, I can always play catch up. Anyway, on to the pictures.

Week 11 - The Possibilities are Endless.

4 Sandhill Cranes in heavy cover. I chose this shot because when I go out on a nature Walk, I feel like the possibilities are endless on what I could see. Sometimes, I dont see much, other times I am amazed!

Week 12 - Observe the Curve

I chose this picture for this prompt because I loved the curve of the ice over the water. Interesting what Mother Nature can do.

There you have it! I am all caught up again. Enjoy your week, spend lots of time out in Nature if you can. It is so good for the soul.

Project 365 3-21 through 3-24-2013

What a week this has been! The weather has been fairly cooperative, actually had some days in the upper 30's. I went out shooting for hours everyday! I can just almost taste Spring, even though it is snowing again today. I was able to add 2 bird species to my Audubon Life List, bringing my grand total to 76 different birds. Not too shabby!! Enjoy your week.

Hooded Merganser male. I had never seen one of these before, now in the past 3 days, I am seeing them everywhere! This is one of the species I added to my lifelist.
Female and Male Hooded Merganser

Male Wood Duck what a gorgeous bird!

Common Goldeneye Duck - another new species added to my life list.

Sure sign of Spring, Sandhill Cranes are back!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Project 365 3-4 through 3-20-2013

Welcome back! I am all caught up as of todays post! Yay me!! Last week, I treated myself to a new lens. I got the Canon 100-400mm telephoto lens so I cant take shots of birds a little easier. I went out over the weekend and several other days to try it out. I think I am in love. Cant wait for the weather to get a little nicer. I am so excited for spring, migrating birds, bugs and butterflies! I plan on spending lots of time out in the woods taking lots of pictures. I have a few goals for this spring/summer.

1. Get a good shot of a Bald Eagle. I know where they are, I just need a little luck in getting just the right shot.

2. My Granddaughter Kileighs favorite bird is the Belted Kingfisher. I would like to get a close-up picture of one and have it blown up for her. I have lots of far off shots, but none frame worthy.

3. Bluebirds. One of the prettiest birds around. I want to get some good shots of them, in flight or just perching.

4. Hawks, I love them. I want to see lots of them and get good shots.

There you have it, my list of goals! Now, on to the pictures.

 Golden Eye Duck

Brown Creeper making a not so graceful landing.


 Sandhill Cranes migrating back.

 Sandhill Cranes across the river.

 Snow keeps melting and refreezing. Mother Nature cant make up her mind.

 Blue Heron migrating back. First of the year.

 Canadian Geese only 6 feet from me. They didnt seem to care.

 Another goose.

 Common Merganser, 2 males and 1 female.

 Redbellied Woodpecker

 SUN! Male and female Mallard Ducks enjoying the sun.

 Redhead Duck. This is a new Species for me to add to my Audubon Life List.

 Robin!! Spring is just around the corner.

 Song Sparrow. Not much to sing about, but it is sunny.

Red Squirrel. He was not happy with me, but he did pose very nicely. More Sun too!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Project 365 2-27 through 3-3-2013

Wow! Another update for Project 365! I am on a roll. I am getting so tired of all the bird and snow pictures, but once again, that is what I am posting. We got another 9' of snow on Tuesday, so there is no shortage. I am beyond ready for spring. It just cant get here soon enough for me. Then i can bore you with flowers, bugs and birds :) Have a great weekend. Its going to rain here most of the weekend it sounds like, but that only means one step closer to spring!!

 Brown Creeper - he was so close I could have almost touched him (or her).

 Now this is dedication! I didnt want to make it obvious I was taking a picture of this man fishing, so I took it in my side mirror :) I dont think he even knew.

 Beautiful female cardinal. I used to think they were plain, but I have a new appreciation for their beauty.

 Love the red bellied Woodpecker. I have many shots of them on my blog. They are so beautiful. They are also very loud, and announce their arrival before you can even see them, giving you the heads up to get your camera ready.

Yes, another squirrel shot! Got to shoot what you see. This guy was adorable. Just begging for his picture to be taken.

There you have it! Another 5 days worth of shots for my Project 365. I am into my third month, and still going strong. Can I do it? You bet I can!!

Focus on Life Week 10

The photo prompt for this weeks challenge is ALL WRAPPED UP. I decided to use a shot of my Grand Daughter Kileigh. She spent the night and was freezing, so she rolled all up in a blanket to get warm and instantly fell asleep. Such a sweetheart. Enjoy your weekend. See you next week.

I sure wish I could sleep like this and look as cute while doing it!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Focus on Life Week 9

Week 9 of the Focus on Life challenge! The prompt for this weeks challenge was Knock Knock. I thought about posting a picture of an old, cool door, but couldn't find anything special on my drive. I like to go to a local wildlife area, and take pictures of the birds. I take bird seed, and set it out for them almost daily. It was freezing cold this day, so I opted to sit in my warm truck and watch the birds from there. After a little bit, I heard a woodpecker "Knocking" on the tree. Got this quick shot of him. 

Knock, Knock
Downy Woodpecker.

See you next week!!

Project 365 2-23 through 2-26-2013

Just a quick post with a few pictures for today. I am still trying to get caught up, getting closer, but not quite there. Enjoy your week. I hope to be posting more pictures in a few days.

 Female Cardinal

 Geese on the Rock River

 Tracks leading to the River. 

Cute squirrel enjoying the birdseed I set out.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Project 365 2-14 through 2-22-2013

Hi! I am updating once more, with a weeks worth of pictures. I am still shooting every day, and I am loving it. I am sure to take my camera where ever I go these days, because you just never know when a photo opp will present itself. Here are my shots for that week.

My daughter Courtney and grandangel Kileigh brought me flowers for Valentines Day. I laid this daisy on the fresh snow.

 Got out the macro lens for shooting some beads.

Falling in love with black & white :) Local footbridge.

Member of the Woodpecker family, this is a Brown Creeper. Quick little birds.

beautiful Female Cardinal

Snowflake on my Granddaughters Sweatshirt.

Flicker came to visit!

Icicles hanging off my roof.

There you have it! A little over a week worth of pictures. Enjoy your week. get out there and shoot!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Bead Soup Partner Introduction

I signed up for the 7th Bead Soup Blog Hop, hosted by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things. She picked Karen Williams as my partner. Karen and I exchanged our ideas of wants and dislikes, and mailed our soups out. It turns out that Karen and I share a lot in common. Our love of beads, photography and nature. Here are a couple of her pieces, I stole borrowed from her blog.

I have always want to try a freeform peyote piece, looks like that is Karens specialty. Might just be the nudge I need to give it a try. Beautiful Karen!

The Soup Karen sent me.

 Look how beautifully she packaged my soup. I was so excited to rip open all the little boxes to see what was inside.
 Beautiful enameled butterfly button, lots of pretty seeds and all kinds of pretty glass beads.
Lampwork beads, silver button turquoise, silver sliders, amethyst beads, pearls, you name it, its there!

Thank you Karen for all the beautiful soup ingredients. I am so excited to get started, I have all kinds of ideas swimming in my head.