Monday, January 19, 2009

Lots of progress!

In between meetings with our insurance company (hubby totaled his car - he hit a county Sheriff) he is ok, sore but ok! Anyway, in between the meetings and being sick yesterday I managed to get some beading done. I am liking the way its turning out so far. I am very unsure how to proceed with the background. It will come to me, but right now I am not sure how to proceed. My fabric finally came for my December project, so I may put January down for awhile and move onto that one. It might help free up my mind and open it up to ideas. We have been so worried about what will happen with this accident. Seems that its not a good thing to hit an officer of the law while he is on duty, in route to a home invasion. My husband is very good about yielding for emergency vehicles, however he had a green light and the snow banks were so high on the highway intersection that he just plain didn't see it coming. The State Patrol is doing an investigation on the accident to determine fault, so we are on pins and needles to see what will happen. I think that is why I was sick over the weekend. I don't do well with worry or the unknown. At the very least, the car is totaled. He may also get a large ticket from what we hear. Joyous Joy! The important things is both he and the officer are ok.


Anonymous said...

I love this page on Ki! It is coming along so nice! I am so glad my brother and the officer are ok. It makes me cry to think about what could have happened! I am praying he does not get a ticket! How much longer are they going to take to investigate this? What more can they investigate on it? Sitting on pins and needles is horrible! Love you!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OK, think about this for a minute.
They are not going to find the cop at fault. But they aren't necessarily going to give your husband a ticket. Keep positive thoughts that the investigation will show that the snow piles were obstucting his view, so forget about the ticket. Now concentrate on no one was injured. Everything will work out. Sending positive energy to you right now!!

LOve the new pic of Maddy.

Your page is looking so so cute! Pictures don't show everything, but it looks like it is perfect if you just finish off the edges! I thought you were done!

Take it easy Tracey. There are many more things to worry about. The outcome of this accident is out of your control. Focus on happy thoughts. Your husband is safe. THAT is EVERYTHING!
Love, CArol

Ellen said...

Oh Tracey, I am so sorry to read about about things with the long arm of the law. I'll be thinking positive about the outcome of all this for your husband & you as well.

You page is great & your wee granddaughter is beautiful!

courtney6188 said...

this is absoutly amazing!!! i LOVE your creativity and my daughter in gorgous as well!! haha I love the choice of pictures!!

I am glad they are both ok as well!! Hopefully everything will turn out for the best!!! I love you mom and take care!

pam T said...

oh Tracey!
Yep, the best part is everyone is OK!
My all-knowing, presently-taking-driver's-ed, 15-year-old daughter informs me that "they" (whomever they may be) don't call them accidents anymore because accidents cannot be prevented, rather they are motor vehicle "crashes" and crashes can be prevented.
But do THEY take into account high snow piles of Wisconsin???? Have THEY ever tried to see around one of those things????
I think not!
Hopefully it will work out for the best, Tracey, and yep, you probably were ill with worry. I hope you are feeling much better.
Your page is turning out beautiful, as always!