Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Carol asks "Where the heck are you" Well, I am here - sort of! I have a HUGE bead fairy project that is consuming all my time! It is a bead version of A Starry Starry Night. Suzanne Wester is the pattern maker. This project done in peyote is 10" wide X 7" long and contains 58 colors and 18,000 beads! Yes, I said 18 THOUSAND! I had to come up with a way to contain 58 different colors. This is what I came up with. I took 2 pieces of thick foam, cut 60+ little holes in one piece approximately 1" X 1". I then used double faced tape around each square to seal the edges so no beads could sneak out. I also double face taped all around the whole piece of foam. Then I stuck it to the other uncut piece, had hubby cut a thin piece of plywood, sand the edges for me. I also taped this to the plywood and had a workable bead holder! Its shallow enough to be able to bead right out of the depression, yet just thick enough to hold the little buggers where they need to be. I labeled each depression with the corresponding chart number. So far so good. I have almost 6,000 beads done. Its so neat watching this one develop. Stay tuned! Sorry to have been MIA. Thanks Carol for the kick in the butt! Hugs to All. Hi Kara!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Guess What??

IT'S A BOY!!! My daughter Jess and her hubby Mike just found out this morning that we are adding a little boy to our family! The due date is 11/24/2009. It will be another first for us, the first boy. Our family has lots of girls, so we are happy about little "Bun" being a boy, but we would have loved him/her either way! Isn't the detail of this ultrasound incredible? What a beautiful baby. I can just picture Kileigh and Bun running around playing with each other. Its so nice they will be close in age. Congratulations Mike & Jess!