Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello Strangers!

Hi everyone! I hope you have missed me, because I have missed you. We have all been sick here one way or another. 3 weeks ago my hubby Chuck hurt his back. Seems as though he is taking after me and has several bad disc in his lower back. He actually tore some ligaments in his low back and has been basically laid up in bed for all this time. He is finally starting to feel human again and is having some steroid injections in about a week. Hopefully he will be able to get back to work soon. We will see!

Jess is continuing to do well. She is now 35 weeks and off of bed rest. All your prayers for her and Bun seem to have worked! His kidneys still don't look normal on ultrasound, but we will know more about that when hes here. He will be having some tests in his first week of life to determine what needs to be done if anything. Wish us luck!

No beading has been done with everything going on here lately. BUT! I do have a picture of the quilt Jess and I made for little Bun. The walls of the nursery are the same blue as in the quilt. We also made a matching valance for the window with the cream fabric and a thin blue stripe and a wider brown stripe too. The room is adorable! Cant wait to see a little boy in the crib!