Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Finally, an update!!

As many of you know, my true passion is Photography, particularly bird photography. I keep an app on my Kindle called Audubon Birds, which is a way to record the species I have seen. It is called a "Lifelist". I have been able to add several species over the past couple of months. I have my own personal rule. In order to add a bird to my lifelist, I must have a picture that clearly shows the bird so I can make an undeniable identification. Here are some of the birds I have been fortunate enough to add:

The beautiful Snowy Owl. Shooting (with my camera) this bird was a dream come true for me. To get the thrill of watching it hunt was breath taking.

American Black Duck

 Greater Scaup

White Winged Scoter

And lastly, although not a life list bird, I leave you with an image of Spring. Enjoy your week.
Eastern Bluebird. This beauty was kind enough to sit still for me when I went shooting on my Birthday. Best gift ever!