Sunday, June 29, 2014

Life list birds

I have fallen behind in showing my life list birds!! Last time I posted, I was at 100. I am now at 168! I am just going to periodically post a few life birds as I go until I am caught up. Its been a very exciting year! I went out in search of Migrating birds a lot more this year, even if it meant sitiing in my SUV and watching for them. Well worth the effort to see such beauty. On to the birds.
Eastern Wood Pewee

Barred Owl
Fox Sparrow

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker


Red Eyed Vireo

Magnolia Warbler

Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Days

I love Summer. I love being outside, wandering around, seeing what I can see. Yesterday I decided to spend the day along the river. I had 6 hours to kill, and believe me, it flew by. There is just something so calming and peaceful about walking, camera in hand, waiting for something to catch my eye. It could be a beautiful flower, a bug, a bird or a landscape. I just never know. That is part of the thrill, I almost feel like a detective, walking slowly and as quietly as I can, hoping to catch something magical. I was able to do just that yesterday. I have seen many many Great Blue Herons, but never as close as this one, or for as long. I took almost 100 pictures of it fishing and preening, but edited it down to these 4 shots as my favorites.