Thursday, May 20, 2010

March BJP is finished!

I know, I know! I never even posted a "work in progress" photo of my March Bead Journal Project! I have just been way to busy to take the time to do so. I am happy with the finished section of my Year of Birthstones circle. This particular piece was for March, the Birthstone is Aquamarine. This is a color I haven't worked with much in the past. I found that I really liked it. The color was very soothing and made me feel peaceful while I worked. I used the half moon beads I have used in the other 2 sections, as well as some 6mm Aquamarine hearts and some really pretty aqua peacock beads along with several different finishes of seed beads in both size 11 and size 15. I am not sure I like the gold with this color, but I am committed to using gold in each section to tie the gold in that I have used in the center medallion as well as the border around the whole piece when its finished. Maybe it will grow on me with each section I finish. Maybe not!

Now, for next months piece. I will be working on April, and Diamond is the Birthstone for that month. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could actually bead a section in Diamonds? That would be one expensive piece of art, wouldn't it? A girl can dream, but then again Swarovski crystals can shine like diamonds too.... See you soon!