Monday, January 27, 2014

Welcome home BRIMLEY

I once again added to the menagerie!! I have always wanted a Flowered Shar Pei, so when I saw the picture of the little blue mini flowered Shar Pei puppy, I fired off an e-mail to the breeder and we exchanged several messages. Long story short, I added the puppy to my family. I decided on the name Brimley after a great friend suggested he looked like Wilford Brimley and I should name him Wilford. I didnt really like that, but loved Brimley. My friend Molly and I took a long trip to Iowa to pick him up, and he has meshed perfectly with my family.
 Meeting for the first time.
 Jax on the right, Brimley on the left, and Pyper in the back.

Holy Smokes! Where did 3 months go??

I cant believe I havent posted since October. I guess time really got away from me. I have been super busy lately. A friend and I started a photography business, and I have been spending a lot of time working on that. I am still out and about, taking nature shots. That is my main passion, but it doesnt pay the bills. I am planning on making a better effort to keep up with my blog this year (since I cant make any less of an effort)!! Anyway, on to the shots.
 Birch Tree
 Cedar Waxwing
 Sandhill Crane
 Montery Bridge at Sunset