Friday, January 23, 2009


Its back! For this give-away, I have included 3 tubes of seed beads, a triangle bead tray and lots of pretty hearts just in time for Valentines Day beading! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. That's it! Couldn't be any easier could it? I will assign a number to each post and put them in a bowl and draw a name Monday. I will post the winner on my blog Monday. I may add in a few other goodies as the weekend goes on too...Keep an eye on this page!

My BJP page is moving right along. I am filling in the background with a soft blue size 15 bead and it is slow going but worth it too! Then once I am done, I am excited to move on to my December piece. I have my beads all picked out and my silk too. I have never used silk before, so it will be a new experience. I love that fabric. It feels so nice and the intense colors are just beautiful. I will have to take a picture of the assorted colors I got.
Nothing new on the accident yet...seems the State Patrol is still investigating it. No ticket yet. I guess they are going to do a re-enactment of the actual accident. This is taking forever!


Anonymous said...

Oh my heaven this is turning out just gorgeous! I love the way you are doing the back ground! xoxox Love you!

Robin said...

Your January BJP is just about as cute as it can get. She's adorable... and what a way to celebrate her first year! I love the whimsy vines, the hearts and leaves, the way you made seed bead leaves on the vines and the blue beaded background! It's wonderful! Sorry you had to start over (purple circles) and rip-rip some things, but the end results seem totally worth the effort. You were so smart not to wait for the silk and to challenge your sensibilities to work out of order! Well done!

Glad to hear Maddy is improving.

Sorry about your husband's accident. Yes, I know how unsettling that can be... both a physical and mental shakeup for everyone involved. How's he doing? Looking forward to a new car?

Hugs and thanks for all your wonderful comments on everyone's blog! Robin A.

Robin said...

PS... Oh yes, by all means, I'd love to be the FF winner! Robin A.

Marty S said...

How fun to commemorate your granddaughter's first birthday with a BJP page. The vines do have a folk art look. I'll be interested in seeing the final result.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Tracey, you are a GOOD beader!!
Look at all the little things you came up the alternating the larger and smaller greens across the bottom...and using the hearts to make flowers...and laying the blue beads in different directions to perfection...yep...yur a good beader alright!

PS: I'd love to win your FF giveaway.

Beading Butterfly said...

This is going to be so pretty - Love it! :)


courtney6188 said...

I love it!! The blue looks amazing!! Love you!

pam T said...

oh yeah, Tracey - great choice for the background! Coming along greatly!

I'd be happy to be in your FF!!!!

a2susan said...

I've so enjoyed watching your progress on this piece. It's just lovely, as is your special granddaughter.

Accidents are very scary. I'm glad your husband is okay. The snow may have been an insulator against hearing the sirens as well as not seeing the lights. I know we have so much snow it's hard to see where the snow piles up.

MizDenise said...

Me too, I'd like to win the goodies! I do like the current piece and seeing how you are tying the different elements into a cohesive whole. Good Job!

Diane Lithgow said...

I come to see your work and think you are so brave doing a large piece. My little men are tiny in comparison. Where do you find the time for all your beadwork? I am so tired after work each night that it takes me two hours to think about picking up a needle and then it is time for bed.
Congrats on the lovely family memories you are making.
Diane, New Zealand.