Sunday, September 19, 2010

Can you believe it?

A post finally! I have been busy, been sick, Maddux has been sick, and my Son Aaron and his girlfriend came for a visit from Texas. All in all, its been a super busy time for me. Unfortunately, my beadwork had to wait until I had time to do it! I am hoping things will settle down now. I have lots of catching up to do, not only on my Bead Journaling, but on blog hopping too. I must say, I miss everyone!

At long last, here is my completed May BJP. Yikes! I did say May. That only puts me almost 4 behind. I have a little bit done on June too, so maybe that one wont take me almost 2 months to complete. For my May piece, Emerald is the Birthstone color. I used my usual half moon beads in both matte and shiny emerald. Size 15 transparent emerald color, gold size 15's, 6mm emerald hearts, an emerald 14mm Swarovski rivoli, emerald AB size 11's, as well as 2 un-marked shades of emerald size 11's. If anyone remembers, I will be using the half-moon and 6mm heart beads in each piece. I like the colors for this month. I think the deep green color added some life to my piece. Next month is Alexandrite! I like that I am being forced to work out of my color comfort zone and also that I dont even have to think what colors to use since it is all dictated by the Swarovski Birthstone chart! I hope it wont be another 6 weeks before I can post again. I am planning on doing a Freebie Friday in the near future, so please watch for that! Sorry I have neglected both my blog, and my blogging friends!