Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Project 365 4-6 through 4-16-2013

Oh oh! Now I let myself get even farther behind. This will be a long post, so not too many words. Ive had a couple exciting weeks of nature photography, so I am just going to skip to my shots and put details under each one. Have a good week!! I am also linking this post to Wild Bird Wednesday.

Wild Turkey I came across while out for a drive.

I know the Red Winged Blackbird is a common bird, but I liked this shot. The bird was in the middle of a tree and I was able to put my lens in there and get a shot.

 Left to right: Male Lesser Scaup, Male Bufflehead and Female Lesser Scaup.

 Male Ruddy Duck. They are a very small duck with a greenish blue bill. 

 Northern Shoveler - another new species added to my Audubon Life List.

My favorite loon shot. Sadly they are gone now. Migrated through this area.

I dont know if these are male or female, but it was an interesting show they put on!

I was so excited to see this bird! It is a Horned Grebe! This bird was just migrating through, but gave me a thrill none the less. I waited and waited for it to come in close enough to be able to get a good shot of it. The next day I went back, there were 3 of them. Haven't seen them since. another for my Audubon Life List. Im now at 86.

Male and Female Redhead Ducks. Number 87 for my life list!

Male and female Mallards with immature Mallard in foreground.

Bird number 88 for my Audubon Life List. A Yellow Rumped Warbler - Myrtle What a thrill this was for me, seeing this gorgeous bird in front of me!

There you have it, 10 days of bird shots!! See you in a few days. 


Maude Lynn said...

Beautiful shots!

Arija said...

The family squabble is a gem, as is the rising loon. Great shots.

Stewart M said...

Great selection of birds - I dont get to see any of them as far as I know!!

Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

Stewart M - Melbourne

CabinGirl said...

Neat collection of images! It's one of the better shoveler photos I've seen - you really caught its shape and colors.

Unknown said...

You have been busy. Great variety of bird shots.

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful ducks and birds shots. The Loons shots and the Grebe are my favorite. Well done!

Wally Jones said...

That was a great series of images! Quite a nice variety of birds.
Your images are very good!
Thank you for sharing your 10 days of birds.

(Congratulations on adding to your life list!)