Friday, April 26, 2013

Project 365 4-17 through 4-26-2013

Well, I got behind again (no surprise there) so another 10 days of pictures are being posted today. What can I say? No excuses, just life gets in the way sometimes. Ive been continuing to take daily shots, sometimes several trips out in the same day. I love that spring is finally here, blue skies and warmer temperatures. Definitely makes it much more enjoyable., even though we are experiencing some pretty severe flooding here in Wisconsin.  Anyway, since I have 10 pictures to post, I'm gonna get busy doing it. Have a wonderful weekend.
2 Double Crested Cormorants 

 Golden Crowned Kinglet, bird #89 for my Audubon Life list.

 Ruby Crowned Kinglet bird #90 for my life list!

 American White Pelicans were migrating through! There were at least 50 of them, bird #91 for my life list!! They only have the "bump" on their beak during mating season. Up to a 70" wing span! Pretty impressive. Thanks Kim for calling me to come take pictures!!

Canadian Goose sitting on eggs.

Yellow bellied Sapsucker -Bird #92 on my life list!

Saw this Robin and its reflection on a puddle of water. Love it!

Blue-Gray Gnat Catcher

 Pair of Bald eagles on their nest. So exciting!
I got a picture of an eaglet! There are 2 for sure, possibly 3 babies.

I liked how calm the river was which made the reflections perfect. Didn't notice the red winged blackbird until I got home. Starting to green up nicely. This is all a flooded area, normally the water would end all the way at the back of the treeline.


Took Kim to see the Bald Eagles and nest, they really put on a show for her.


Unknown said...

Great shots Tracey. I especially like the blue grey gnat catcher. They also remind me I need to start my life list but I get so caught up in making new photos that it's hard to go back and sort my old ones.

K Hutchinson said...

OMG , your shots are just amazing! It has been so fun to finally have some nicer days to get out in nature with you! I truly have missed it! You life list is coming along nicely :) Love you bunches!