Saturday, April 6, 2013

Project 365 4-1 through 4-5-2013

Wow, almost another week has passed by. I had a wonderful week, spent a lot of time outside. I was able to add 4 new species of birds to my Audubon Life List. The weather was much more cooperative too, even a day in the 60's! Looks like the upcoming week will be more typical of April, lots of rain and a bit chilly. Anyway, on to the pictures.

One of the new species I captured this week. An American Coot.

Ive been wanting to get a nice up close shot of the beautiful Bluebird. I think I succeeded.

Killdeer, love the effect of the water in this one.

 Osprey - another species new to me.

American Kestrel

There you have it!! I will post pictures of the 2 other species I added to my life list in a couple days. Want to try to get better pictures first. Enjoy your week. See you in a few days.


EG CameraGirl said...

Very nice photos of these birds!

Brian King said...

These are all beautiful! I love the bluebird, osprey, and kestrel! Great job!

Unknown said...

Great shots. Do you have photos for everything on your Audubon Life List? I would like start something like that but not sure how to keep it all organized.