Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Heart Macro 7-24-11

Happy Sunday! I have a few photos for today's I Heart Macro post. I went on a bit of a Nature walk this week and found some pretty neat things to take pictures of. I actually had a hard time deciding which pictures to post! I have gone walking 3 times this week all by myself despite the 90+ degree weather. I am really enjoying the time outside and by myself. Time just flies when I am out and about with nature. I love the sounds of the birds singing, the buzzing of insects and the warm sun. I think I will be spending much more time this way. I found my way to a little creek and the sounds of all the birds and the rushing water were music to my ears. Have a fantastic week, I know I will!
*Question - I tried to rotate the picture of the Queen Anns Lace and saved it the correct way, but when I uploaded it to my blog it didnt stay rotated! Anyone know how I can post it the correct way?
** Well, I managed to get the photo turned the correct way (Thanks Kimmer) BUT, it deleted the whole post! Then the photo was added to the post before. SO all my comments are no longer here on this post :( So frustrating!

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