Thursday, October 24, 2013

Its Fall!!

Fall is in full swing here in Wisconsin. We even had a bit of snow flurries yesterday afternoon. The colors are just beautiful here. My friend Molly and I have been doing a lot of hiking and camera shooting the past few months.
On a personal note, lots has changed in my life. I have recently filed for divorce and moved out on my own. My friend Molly and I are starting a Photography business and have been doing a lot of sessions lately. Life is good, and I am happy for the first time in a long while. Ending a marriage is never easy, and not to be taken lightly, but in my case, it needed to be done.
Anyway, Here are some of my recent shots. Enjoy!


Terri said...

Your pictures are getting better and better all the time! They are gorgeous!

Sorry to hear about the divorce. You're right, it's never easy, even when both parties are agreeable. Good luck!!

Lies Koster said...

Dear Tracey, sorry to hear about your personal difficulties. I'm sure you will manage. As I understand you did till now. Your photos are great. I'm glad you discovered this art part of yourself.