Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nurture Photography Week 5 11-04-12

Nurture Photography Autumn 2012 Photo Challenge
Welcome back! It is week 5 of the Nurture Photography Photo Challenge. This weeks prompts are Purple and Halloween. Purple? Really threw me for a loop. I am not much of a purple fan, so that color is in short supply around here. I had to really stretch it to find something. I remembered my little bird figurine collection, and how happy I was to have recently found one in purple! I was a bad bad Grandma on Halloween, and forgot my camera!! Neither of the girls have posted pictures that I could snag (since I did take some with their cameras) so I had to use what I had. Kileigh was over halloween morning and was wearing her happy Halloween shirt, so there you have it! Nothing exciting this week. Have a great week, see you next Friday!

I love these sweet little bird figurines, especially when I find unique colors like this one. Simple and sweet.

She looks so sweet and very excited!! Kileigh Lynn.

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