Saturday, September 27, 2008

Moving along!

My company has gone and I got some time yesterday to do a little beading. I am fairly happy with the progress so far! I am really having trouble coming up with an idea for the background of this page though. Not sure of what direction to go. For now I will be working on the tree and other aspects of this page. I have gotten some inspiration from a fellow BJP member Pam T and her beautiful tree, so I may do something a little different and add in some fiber or something similar to make the tree a bit more realistic. I am not sure I could make it have the look I want using just beads! This is one of the great things about doing this project, you can learn from, and be inspired by other members. Everyone is so encouraging and willing to help and I love that! I look forward to a peaceful weekend, full of beads and relaxation! I hope you all can find the time to do something you love as well. For me, creativity is my sanity.

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K Hutchinson said...

WOW I love how this is coming along! Hope you have a wonderful peaceful weekend! xoxox