Friday, September 5, 2008

Great Day of Progress

What a beautiful day here in Wisconsin today! Sunny, low 70s, absolutely gorgeous. The complete opposite of this piece so far! How did I spend my day you ask? WELL I beaded of course! I got quite a bit done and am in the stage of not liking it. I like the process, just not the piece. For one thing, I do not as a rule like gray. I don't like monotony. I don't like sad. That in a nutshell is what I have in this page so far. SO, I guess that explains my feelings thus far. I can't wait to get this half done and start on the more positive side. I know "Life ain't always beautiful" so I guess I will stick this piece out and see how it develops. I do have lots of September left if I absolutely hate it, right?? Hope your weekend is wonderful!


Kim H. said...

What are you thinking? It is gorgeous! I love the way you did the eyes, the cloud, the flowered beads! You will like it in the end!
Yesterday was just gorgeous! Perfect weather! xoxox

Renu said...

This is beautiful, even if it is gray! It'll make the other piece even more bright.

The bad Liz said...

It's a great way to look at life - it's not all good, but it all doesn't suck either, does it?

I like the color theme - very subtle.

(And your practice piece was really touching and beautiful - you have to love it)

Take care - Liz (the bad one)

MaryJ said...

I found your blog today as your MIL gave me the address. I love what you have done and the fact that it is helping you. I use Paint Shop Pro for that same thing. Keep up the god work hun.

Beth Norman said...

Geneous, pure geneous. You are just like Kim and I--we all think our work could be better. I love your work a lot. Kim always talks about how good you do, and she's right.