Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I have decided to do a fun piece for my October BJP. I am thinking Halloween! I sketched out a tentative plan. Don't know for sure if I will stick to this sketch, as things seem to change while I stitch. I have a vision of what i want my moon to look like. If it turns out as I hope, it will be really pretty! Sometimes plans and visions are way better than actuality though! We will See as I progress. I am loving this process! I feel it is really not only making me think, but changing the way I see bead shapes, techniques and feelings to! Is this perhaps what creativity is all about?? Watch and see!


K Hutchinson said...

I love how this is starting out! It is going to ROCK!

Timaree said...

Great sketch. Will love to see it beaded. We can make all our plans and then we must bend to the beads all right!