Friday, September 12, 2008

Its Friday!!

Well for a little while Anyway! We had some unexpected but nice company tonight so I couldn't post my update earlier. Here is how my page is progressing. I hope to be finished after the weekend, depending on what I manage to accomplish this weekend. I have a family reunion tomorrow and a very sad funeral on Monday/Tuesday. I don't know why I said a sad funeral, they are all sad to me! I hope everyone has a great weekend. My hubby is excited as its opening bow-hunting on Saturday. I am excited because that means the house to myself and LOTS of beading! Wish me luck!


K Hutchinson said...

Yippee for the house to yourself! I hope that you get lots done! I love how it is progressing!

A sad funeral indeed! Keeping them all in my thoughts and prayers!


pam T said...

Very, very cool page! I know how you feel about the bow-hunting and a house to yourself, my husband just left for a week of fishing and my daughter and I are running amuck! Awesome "luck" on your husband losing his job and getting another so fast.
pam T

Cindy said...

Love the piece! Enjoy your alone time and make every moment count! :)

heidibeads said...

Your page sums it all up, doesn't it. I love it. Enjoy the free time. Good luck to your husband on his 1st day of work. It's nice to be wanted. Sorry about the funeral.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I Love your page. If you get the chance, consider adding the "who's following" widget. I will definately be coming back to your page. Love it.

Tracey Leeder said...

Thanks for the suggestion Carol! I have added it to my blog! Check back often for updates!