Friday, March 8, 2013

Project 365 2-27 through 3-3-2013

Wow! Another update for Project 365! I am on a roll. I am getting so tired of all the bird and snow pictures, but once again, that is what I am posting. We got another 9' of snow on Tuesday, so there is no shortage. I am beyond ready for spring. It just cant get here soon enough for me. Then i can bore you with flowers, bugs and birds :) Have a great weekend. Its going to rain here most of the weekend it sounds like, but that only means one step closer to spring!!

 Brown Creeper - he was so close I could have almost touched him (or her).

 Now this is dedication! I didnt want to make it obvious I was taking a picture of this man fishing, so I took it in my side mirror :) I dont think he even knew.

 Beautiful female cardinal. I used to think they were plain, but I have a new appreciation for their beauty.

 Love the red bellied Woodpecker. I have many shots of them on my blog. They are so beautiful. They are also very loud, and announce their arrival before you can even see them, giving you the heads up to get your camera ready.

Yes, another squirrel shot! Got to shoot what you see. This guy was adorable. Just begging for his picture to be taken.

There you have it! Another 5 days worth of shots for my Project 365. I am into my third month, and still going strong. Can I do it? You bet I can!!

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Unknown said...

I haven't seen any Brown Creepers this year. I'll have to keep and eye out. Great Cardinal shot.