Saturday, March 2, 2013

Project 365 2-14 through 2-22-2013

Hi! I am updating once more, with a weeks worth of pictures. I am still shooting every day, and I am loving it. I am sure to take my camera where ever I go these days, because you just never know when a photo opp will present itself. Here are my shots for that week.

My daughter Courtney and grandangel Kileigh brought me flowers for Valentines Day. I laid this daisy on the fresh snow.

 Got out the macro lens for shooting some beads.

Falling in love with black & white :) Local footbridge.

Member of the Woodpecker family, this is a Brown Creeper. Quick little birds.

beautiful Female Cardinal

Snowflake on my Granddaughters Sweatshirt.

Flicker came to visit!

Icicles hanging off my roof.

There you have it! A little over a week worth of pictures. Enjoy your week. get out there and shoot!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my heaven and stars what amazing shots! You know I am totally itching to get outside and explore! Spring can not come soon enough! Love all your shots, you have such amazing talent! Love you bunches!

Cyndi J said...

Your photographs are incredible! And then that snowflake. Unbelievable!