Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Project 365 3-4 through 3-20-2013

Welcome back! I am all caught up as of todays post! Yay me!! Last week, I treated myself to a new lens. I got the Canon 100-400mm telephoto lens so I cant take shots of birds a little easier. I went out over the weekend and several other days to try it out. I think I am in love. Cant wait for the weather to get a little nicer. I am so excited for spring, migrating birds, bugs and butterflies! I plan on spending lots of time out in the woods taking lots of pictures. I have a few goals for this spring/summer.

1. Get a good shot of a Bald Eagle. I know where they are, I just need a little luck in getting just the right shot.

2. My Granddaughter Kileighs favorite bird is the Belted Kingfisher. I would like to get a close-up picture of one and have it blown up for her. I have lots of far off shots, but none frame worthy.

3. Bluebirds. One of the prettiest birds around. I want to get some good shots of them, in flight or just perching.

4. Hawks, I love them. I want to see lots of them and get good shots.

There you have it, my list of goals! Now, on to the pictures.

 Golden Eye Duck

Brown Creeper making a not so graceful landing.


 Sandhill Cranes migrating back.

 Sandhill Cranes across the river.

 Snow keeps melting and refreezing. Mother Nature cant make up her mind.

 Blue Heron migrating back. First of the year.

 Canadian Geese only 6 feet from me. They didnt seem to care.

 Another goose.

 Common Merganser, 2 males and 1 female.

 Redbellied Woodpecker

 SUN! Male and female Mallard Ducks enjoying the sun.

 Redhead Duck. This is a new Species for me to add to my Audubon Life List.

 Robin!! Spring is just around the corner.

 Song Sparrow. Not much to sing about, but it is sunny.

Red Squirrel. He was not happy with me, but he did pose very nicely. More Sun too!


Anonymous said...

YAY for you! You are so talented! Each one of your photos is amazing! The colors and depth is fabulous in each photo. Your summer list sounds AWESOME! I can't wait for warmer weather and for us to be out in the woods together again! Love you bunches!

Unknown said...

I think you're going to love the new lens. I picked up the 400/5.6 last spring and love it for birds.