Saturday, October 20, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 10-21-12

Hi! Welcome back to Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This week flew by, I honestly dont know where the time went. I was able to spend Saturday out in nature for a much needed soul cleansing. When I am down, feeling sad and confused, that is where I need to be. I can face the world after spending time in the 
woods. I dont know what it is, but I do my best thinking and planning while walking alone next to the 
river. I smell the smells, take all the sights and sounds in. Even the bugs dont bother me, I just snap a couple pictures of them! Anyway! The prompts for this weeks hunt are:

Orange or Pink (In honor of Breast Cancer awareness week)
Faceless Portrait (aim for a selfie)
View from the top

Here are my interpretations of the prompts:

Imagine my surprise to see this beauty this late in the season.


Ugh...I hate photos of myself! At least I didnt have to show my whole face!

This is about as much from the top as it gets in Janesville.

Newest Grandson Brady, looking cozy in his chair.

My favorite shot of the day, had some fun playing with rocks and the lighting was perfect.


Crazy Mama said...

i'm quickly becoming a very big fan of your photography. love these shots!

Unknown said...

Love your stacked shot, and your grandson is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Your butterfly is beautiful and I love the stacked pebbles (reminded me that I have a picture a bit like this somewhere in the archives!)

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous photos! Love them all! Th stacked shot is so fun! Brady is so sweet! Miss him! Glad you got some peace out at the special spot! I need another trip out there soon! Love you!

Stephanie said...

Your stacked shot is great - perfect lighting.

Tamar SB said...

The stacked rocks are amazing! Wow!

Christals Creations said...

Some beautiful photos. :O)

Christine E-E said...

the stacked rocks is my fave. something about holding rocks & getting them to balance on top of each other is relaxing.

Jean said...

stacked rocks are awesome! love that butterfly. monarchs are so beautiful!

Ida said...

Very nice set.
I think my favorites were Cozy - So sweet, cute and precious.
Then Stacked - Great idea and so well done.
Orange was also quite lovely.

Unknown said...

That stacked is awesome...but is the butterfly!

Matthew and Larissa said...

I love the butterfly picture...I am sucker for butterflies..