Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nurture Photography Week 4 10-26-12

Nurture Photography Autumn 2012 Photo Challenge
Week 4 of the Nurture Photography Photo challenge already! Fall is really winding down here already. Many of the trees are completely bare. Some are still glorious too, you just have to travel a little farther to find them. The weather this week was not at all cooperative. It rained 4 days straight, and when it wasnt rainy, it was foggy and misty, so not the best for photography. Did I let it stop me? NO! I have no problem driving around and shooting from my car :) Anyway, the prompts for this week are Red and Foliage. I have my choice to do either one or both. I have been doing both, and am doing that again this week. Enjoy your weekend!

I was walking along the river, when this beautiful Red-Bellied Woodpecker landed on a tree pretty close to me. I love the way the light is hitting him. It looked like he was resting there, sunning himself.

There was just something about the lighting in this shot that I liked. It has a mini sun flare, and I loved how the edges of the leaves are all lit up in glowing sunlight. Here I complained about all the rainy foggy days, yet picked out 2 shots so full of light!


Crazy Mama said...

very beautiful!

K Hutchinson said...

Gorgeous shots. The mini sun flare in the leaves is amazing! You know, how much I love peckers.....awesome shot!

Sherri B. said...

These are so lovely...I also saw a woodpecker just today and got a few shots with my camera. But he was much farther away - yours is beautiful! The sun flare is wonderful, too.

Nina said...

So beautiful! The light in the lower picture is amazing - so soft and strong at the same time!

Kristi Bonney said...

Great shots! Thanks so much for sharing with us in the Nurture Photo Challenge. Sorry for not stopping by sooner. I'm a little behind on blog visits. :(