Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nurture Photography Fall 2012 Week 1

Nurture Photography Autumn 2012 Photo Challenge

This is a new challenge for me! Since I love Nature so much, and enjoy taking pictures while on my Nature walks, it sounds like a perfect fit for me. It runs October 5th through November 16th. I like the short time commitment, since once the Holidys roll around, time is a short commodity. The photo prompts this week are Green/Journey. I can either choose 1 of the prompts or both. I chose both *SMILE* On to the pictures.

A green hopper on a piece of green stem with lots of green grass in the background. A surprising find so late in the year!


This is the path I take on many of my journeys into the woods. I love it here. Time seems to stand still, yet I can lose hours of time here at the same time. Why does 4 hours in the woods seem like the same amount of time passes as an hour spent in front of the TV? I don't know, but I prefer spending it here.


Crazy Mama said...

tracey, these photos are wonderful! i especially love the entry into the woods. looks like you're heading off into a mystical, magical place...and i wanna go too!!!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I LOVE the grass hopper! The details are magnificent. It looks like I can touch the screen and feel the lines ;-)

Kristi Bonney said...

Great shots! And you're so right about time moving a lot more quickly when you're out traipsing through the woods. :)

Thanks for joining Rebecca and me in the Nurture Photography Challenge. We'll be moving on to a new theme on Friday: Yellow/Light. Can't wait to see your pics!

K Hutchinson said...

That grasshopper is awesome! I love the details you can see! I love the entry to the woods! Our special spot where time stands still and nature sooth the heart! I am going to have to get in on the fun this week! Love you bunches!