Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 2-12-12

It is already almost Sunday and time for another fun-filled Scavenger Hunt! I am really having a good time with these weekly photo challenges I am participating in. This one especially, makes me think outside the box and use the creative side of my brain to match up pictures with the set weekly prompts of the scavenger hunt. This weeks weather didn't allow for much time outside with a camera, so I had to use 1 picture from my archives and take a few new ones to fit the hunt prompts. With no further delay, here are the items needed for the scavenger hunt!

1. Facial Feature
2. Shadow
3. Spicy
4. Gold
5. Fabric

Here are my photos!
Grandson Ethans eye!

Snickerdoodle cookies and their shadows. 6 more weeks of Winter??

Jalapeno peppers, yes the waiter at the restaurant looked at me a little strange when I snapped this shot.

Came across this sweet Golden colored horse while out on a drive. Beautiful!

I hope this picture of my rug counts as fabric? It is made of wool after all!


Therese's Treasures said...

They are all amazing photos. To answer your question about the fabric. Yes it qulifies.

stephanie g said...

I'd say the rug counts! Pretty colors. Beautiful gold photo, and I love the shadows on the cookies!! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

What great photos this week! Way to think outside the box! Love the shadow on the cookies! So gorgeous!

Deborah Tisch said...

Great set of images! I really like the shadow of those cookies, a new predictor for winter. Who knew?

Rustic Vintage Country said...

They are all lovely! Suzy

Bethany said...

Nice shots. I like the gold one the best!

Anonymous said...

Love the gold! It's beautiful.

Ashley Sisk said...

Love that first shot - so sweet.

Nancy C said...

Wonderful interpretations of SHS prompts, Tracey. Love the horse photograph the best -- lovely!

Amanda M. said...

Sweet boy! Love your first shot!

Jessica said...

Obviously, I love the facial feature photo of my sweet boy! So glad you are able to take pics like that and capture such sweet moments! Love you :)