Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Heart Macro 2-5-12

studio waterstone
Everything was covered in white! Not snow either. I know it is not a macro shot, but I wanted you to get the idea of what I was talking about.
Icy Berries 1
 Icy Berries 2
 Queen Anns Lace is beautiful even in the winter!
Wild Lavendar
Flower Remnants
 Snowy Grass
Frozen Droplets

What a week! We had some crazy weather this past week. Wednesday and Thursday here is Wisconsin, we had extremely heavy fog that also left heavy white slushy stuff on all the trees and plants. You will have to forgive my terminology, I don't know the exact weather term for this, so white slushy stuff is what it will be known as for now! All I know, is that it was beautiful! I went driving around Thursday and took some pictures to show you. I loved the fog/white combo, so pretty and fun to see. Then on Friday, Kim and I met for a couple hours, we then headed out to "The Spot" for some photo action. Saturday, we met again for coffee/breakfast/lunch and a nature walk/photo shoot with her boys. I Hope you have a wonderful week, thank you for stopping buy!


Therese's Treasures said...

Love the shots of the white slushie stuff!

K Hutchinson said...

Wowzers what gorgeous shots! We had the best time with you! Awesome job! Love you!!!

Patricia Jane said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Yes, we heard of the "interesting" weather you were having out there in the midwest. Here in upstate New York we can't believe how mild it has been this year. Doesn't seem like winter. But I shouldn't say that so loudly.... it may be coming our way. Anyway, your shots are very beautiful. Well done, and lovely! Enjoy your week.

hello gorgeous said...

gorgeous ice shots! love the captures you have posted! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Unknown said...

Living in FL, I miss the snow and your pictures remnd me how beautiful it is.
i {heart} the Queen Ann Lace shot.
visiting via {macro}.
pop over!

Sharyl said...

"White slushy stuff" works for me! :-) Gorgeous photos! I'm really glad you braved the weather to get these shots and share them with us!