Monday, May 18, 2009

Progress on my Circle

I have had some time lately to work on my April BJP called Circle of Life. I am working on filling the background in of the circle. It is slow and tedious, but I love the effect you get when you use the one bead at a time method I am using. On the black half, I used 4 shades of black, shiny, matte size 11's, hematite Delicas (DB0001), and shiny size 15's. On my white half, I am also using 4 shades of white to include White AB finish Delicas (DB0202) white lined crystal and matte white 11's as well as white size 15's. As I said, tedious but worth the effort! I am not going to share with you at this time my plans for the rest of the page. You will have to wait and see!

I have also worked out 2 new dog patterns in Delica beads, a Yorkie and a Pug! I love the challenge of working in such a small space (22 beads wide) and trying to produce what actually looks like the dog its supposed to look like. What do you think?


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, first of all when I sew one bead at a time, it doesn't look like that! You have the knack.

Your pooches are perfect and they look just like they are supposed to. So cute!

GrandmaMarilyn said...

I love them. Are they small enough to make earrings out of. LOL

a2susan said...

Your circle of life is very powerful with all the meaning behind it. I'm so glad you're feeling better.

You had asked about the rivoli donuts on my blog - it's not my design, but if you know how to make Nikia Angels Sparkly Wheel (it's published in a few places) you can figure these out. Look on her website to see the wheels.

Susan :)

Jacquie said...

The beaded pups are I've said before I love those pins you make. The circle of life has such wonderful meaning, that years from now I'm sure you'll love looking back on it. Lot's o' little beads in this piece..can't wait to see it finished

Ginja Girl Designs said...

Your dog pins are fantastic!
I'm enjoying your blog. I just started one of my own and yours is very inspiring.