Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tracey where have you been?

RIGHT HERE! I did not disappear. I did not drop off the face of the earth either. I have been hit hard with special orders for Christmas this year. Its a good thing money wise, but not so good time wise. Here is what I have been working on. Add another 15 pins and 6 ornaments to this picture and you will have what I have done so far! I guess my specialty so to speak is dog pins. Most of the patterns are my own, some are not. I have several others I make. All stitched in peyote stitch which is very time consuming. I once did an order of 50 Chow Chow pins for a dog show! I have also done 75 Shar Pei pins at one point! The hard part is making a pattern in the little over an inch wide space that actually LOOKS like the breed its supposed to look like! Not an easy feat for sure.

I am so disappointed in myself that I haven't finished my November project. Mr Buck sits looking forlorn at me while I work on pins! I have 3 more Yorkshire terrier pins and 6 ornaments and then I am all caught up and can finish him. Wish me luck! I have to say I am missing the relaxation of doing embroidery. Its a bit less relaxing working from a word chart or a pattern.

Maddux continues to get better everyday. His spirits are high, he is spunky, happy and eating and drinking well. He is chewing on a pig ear right now, having a blast!


K Hutchinson said...

WOWZERS you have been a busy bee! Your pins are all gorgeous! Glad to hear that Maddux is doing better!

I am really hoping it stops snowing soon! I really HATE driving in this junk!


Jacquie said...

Tracey, these are fantastic! I would love to have one for each of my pups. I've seen first hand the quality of your the little halloween pumpkin you made me. How much do you charge for each of these? Happy to hear Maddux is on the road to recovery!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well. I did not like what I read. Disappointed in yourself?!? Tracey, move back to reality!!! You have been more busy than most of us! Those pins are fantastic! Both the pattern and the completed projects. You should be saying that you are so proud of yourself. You should be saying . Even though I have not been able to work on Buck, he understands and I am proud that so many people love my beadwork!!! AND Maddy would not be doing so well without all the attention that you have given him. So there's my peptalk. Now you just enjoy all the smiles on the faces of those that are buying your pins. And when are you going to tell us all how to get one? And one final word..Be good to yourself. You deserve it.
With kind regards, Carol

Timaree said...

I seem to have been gone for a long time. I think November just passed me by - birthdays and Thanksgiving are just part of it so I've missed hearing about poor Maddux. That poor, poor dog. I sure hope he continues to get better for both your sakes!

These pins have turned out great. Do you get a fair price for them? I sure hope so but sometimes it's hard.

Your deer is looking terrific since I saw him last. Don't worry - a few of us (especially me) are behind right now. I should be working on a couple of projects but I would like to catch up on a few blogs.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Inchies are a quick project I usually can fit in but still, I even missed that last week. A funny thing about life - it keeps getting in the way!lol.

Lynn said...

Wow! You never cease to amaze me. These are so cute! Isn't it true that beading takes on a different vibe when you HAVE to get it done. I am sure that all your efforts are appreciated by the recipients. Wow. Amazing. And Mr. Buck understands he just has to wait a bit. Glad to hear Maddux is holding his own these days.

pam T said...

Tracey - I have to admit I was wondering where you were too, but WOW, you've been a busy bee-der! Love your pins - you have incredible patience too, don't you! I cannot imagine having to stick with a project so big - my ADD would nip that one right in the bud! I am, however, looking forward to seeing your November page finished....looks like it's going to be stunning.... ;)

Faith said...

wow the stitched dogs are beautiful if id of lived closer to you Id of asked you to do my lurchers for me hee hee wow youll be glad when you finish these they are awesome

Betty said...

What beautiful work. Don't be so hard on yourself, with all you have done who could have any complaints. Happy beading.actode