Friday, December 26, 2008

Late Merry Christmas!!

Sometimes things just plain dont work out as planned! We had a wonderful time at my daughter Jessica's house on Christmas Eve. She really went all out, trying to make it memorable for everyone, and she succeeded. Great food, beautiful house and good company. It doesn't get any better than that! We then went to a candlelit church service as we do every year. I got completely spoiled by Jess and her husband. They gave me several lovely gifts, the most amazing thing was the 2008 annual Swarovski Crystal Snowflake! It is breath-taking. I was shocked. I don't know if I have told this before, but the only ornaments I have on my tree are snowflakes. I have white lights and snowflakes on the whole tree! Its really pretty.
Anyway, we went to my step moms house on Christmas day and had another wonderful time with her. It was hard being the first Christmas without my Dad, but we all spent some nice quality time with each other. Then, the part that didn't go as planned. We got home to find Maddux on the couch in the midst of another fever. He went up to 105.3 but with wet towels, rimadyl, aspirin and much babying by mama, he went down to 101 in about 3 hours. Hes still running a low-grade temp today. The normal time span for these fevers is 36-48 hours. I am hoping that since it went only to 105, maybe he will be spared the strep and staph infection this time! Wish us luck! Late Happy Holidays!


K Hutchinson said...

Oh NO poor Maddy! Poor you! Glad to hear that you had a nice holiday with the family! Our day was super nice:) xoxox

Lynn said...

Oh Boy. Come on Maddy you can beat this !!

Don't tease us! Show us your tree---it sounds beautiful.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Tracy
Glad you had such great get togethers with your family. And Maddy will shrug this bout off again. He has great stamina and a wonderful love to help him. Keep us updated on his status so you don't get bombarded with emails!

Michelle said...

i'm keeping Maddy in my prayers

pam T said...

Hope Maddy is doing better! Sounds like you had such a nice Christmas... would love to see your tree, sounds beautiful... I've seen those Swarovski snowflakes - they ARE gorgeous!
and Mr Buck is coming along grand for November!