Friday, May 17, 2013

Project 365 5-3 through 5-16-2013

HI!! Oops, looks like I got a bit behind, shocker! Lots going on here in both my personal life and all around me. I wont go into details now, but sometime down the road I will fill you in. I am still going strong with my Project 365. As many of you know, I am focusing mainly on birds and other wildlife for my Project 365, although I will throw in an occasional person, sunset or anything else that I think is worthy. On to the pictures, there will be a lot of them!

Imagine my surprise to see the Solitary Sandpiper in a puddle in the woods. This bird is named this because it migrates alone. Bird number 96 on my Audubon Life List.

Palm Warbler, I was very excited to see this beautiful little bird. Bird number 97 on my life list!


Walking along the railroad tracks to see the eagles, when this little bird came chasing me all puffed up. This is why, 4 beautiful eggs in a nest on the ground. Sadly, raccoons destroyed them a couple days later.

Male Goldfinch molting its winter feathers and getting summer colors in.

Eastern Towhee bird number 98 for my life list! i am excited to be closing in on number 100!

Song Sparrow at dawn (5am) nothing special but I love the lighting!

I have a thing for graffiti, love the message in this one.

 Male rose Breasted Grossbeak.


Blue Heron fishing...

Osprey came a little too close to the eagles nest...

A simple branch made extraordinary due to the lighting at dawn.
Scarlett Tanager bird number 99 for my life list. Was not expecting to see this beauty. Not a great shot, but good enough to see what it is!!

Black and White Warbler, bird #100 for my life list!


Anonymous said...

Your SHOTS are awesome! So many great birds you are seeing! It's always fabulous to be out in the woods with you explore! Love you bunches!

Liz said...

These are wonderful images!! I'd love to get out and see/photograph that many birds in one hit!!