Friday, February 22, 2013

Project 365 1-30 through 2-10-13

Oh my! I have really fallen behind on my posting. Lots of excuses, sick, busy, sick, get the idea! I am still taking lots of pictures, but taking them and posting them are 2 different things. Here is my feeble attempt to get caught up! I need to get caught up. Thanks for looking! Here are a few days worth of pictures.
Kileighs 5th Birthday, nothing make a kid happier than birthday gifts, bowling, pizza and cake! Love you so much Kileigh. Happy Birthday.

 Little bit of snow.

 Hawk visiting my backyard! Coopers Hawk I think?

 Squirrel in the tree. As long as he wasn't looking at me, he thought I couldnt see him.

I liked these weeds and frozen water as a B&W

At least we have had some sun in between snow storms.

Liked the pop of the red sign against the snowy backdrop.

 I liked how there was an open space because of the branches sticking out of the water.



Sun!! Love the warmth and the sparkle of the water behind the grasses.

Lyrics collar and name tag. Sadly, she will never get to wear it. She went for an eye tacking Tuesday 2-19 at 6 weeks of age and didnt wake up from the anesthetic. RIP sweet little angel. Run free with Maddux at the Rainbow Bridge.

Well, there you have it! Still not caught up but a heck of a lot less farther behind than I was.


K Hutchinson said...

Your pictures are awesome! I always love seeing your photos, they have so much depth and so much feeling. So so sorry about Lyric :( It's so hard to believe. Love you bunches!

Barbara said...

Great set of Winter, but my favorite is the on with the birthday girl.

Wishing your daughter a happy birthday, with lots and lots of presents, cake and pizza!

LoriF said...

Oh no!! I loved your time counters of your dogs at the top of your blog, that is so sad to hear about Lyric. Beautiful pictures!