Friday, January 13, 2012

Project 52 Photo Challenge 1-13-12

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

Week two of the year-long photo challenge nicknamed P52 is here. The theme for this week is:
Made with Love.
Jeez, my creative energies have been flowing, but not in a crafting way, in a photography way lately. I haven't actually MADE anything with my photography other than some canvas prints. What to do? Then I remembered one of the gifts I received from my daughter, well, technically my 2 year old Grandson Ethan. He "made" me a coffee mug, actually more aptly a "Tea" mug. He decorated it beautifully, I am sure with a little help from his Mommy. I loved it when I opened it. Later when I was home and washed it, I noticed a TINY little heart on the handle I had missed earlier upon opening my gift. I talked to Jess later in the day and said, "How cute, I missed the little heart you made on the handle". She said "I didn't make a heart on the handle, Ethan must have made it"! Now keep in mind that Ethan just turned 2 in November. Here it is "MADE WITH LOVE". Have a wonderful weekend.
My Tea Mug
Ethans tiny little heart


Fliss said...

Ah that's really sweet

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

O I love it.
I still have a sticky note on my computer at work that Corey put there about 5 years ago when I stepped away from my desk while he was visiting. He's made a lot of things for me over the year. I treasure them all, but little I love you notes are are so touching.

Everytime you look at your mug you'll remember that he was thinking of you all the while he made it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my heavens, how sweet is your mug! I love that tiny little heart! Ethan did such a good job!
OMG, I forgot to so my p52- guess I will be working on that today! YIKES!

Julie Ball said...

How adorable! I have a big box of the "art" my sons have made. They're only 7 and 4 and I've already filled it up - everything they do is just too precious!

Jill Prendeville said...

How do you get your photos to show up large like that?? I canNOT figure it out =( Thanks!!

Jenny said...

So cute!

Light Trigger said...

so sweet and so full of love!

Light Trigger

Susan said... just doesn't get any sweeter.

Ruth said...

Love :)

happy me said...

Tracey! That made my heart swell. :)