Friday, August 28, 2009

February BJP Finished!!

I am so excited to finally have this one completed. I had a few glitches, mostly in my own mind. I am still not thrilled with the end result, I tried to get too creative on this one and it backfired on me. I had originally wanted to do much more with it, but I am satisfied for now. One thing i am really unhappy about is the back of the "doors" I had planned on covering them somehow with fabric, which I may end up doing yet. I tried several different ways of doing it, and none seemed to work for me. That's why you can still see the outline of letters on the backs of the doors. For now this is how its going to be!

Here is the latest 3-D Ultrasound of baby Bun. Isnt it amazing? Nothing much is different with Jess and her baby. She is still on bed rest. She went to a specialist last week and they are optimistic. Seems as though the little "Bun" has some kidney issues they are watching as well as being in a hurry to meet all of us. Jess is 27 1/2 weeks now and the Dr's hope she waits to deliver until 32 weeks or more. That would be the best thing for Bun. Meanwhile, poor Jess is getting restless just laying around with all of us family bugging her! We all are taking turns cooking, cleaning and helping Jess keep her sanity while Mike is at work. Keep your fingers crossed for them!


Marty S said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! The colors and the design are so delicate. It's a wonderful quote and it fits so well with the page and with the thoughts about baby Bun.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

This is just lovely and something to be incredibly proud of. It's gentle and delicate. As for covering the back of the doors, have you thought about collaging on paper or painted tissue with acrylic gel medium? I'm not sure what your substrate is, but it doesn't matter because I think it would work on just about anything. Try it out on a scrap first, though.

pam T said...

O I love this too, Tracey! very, very nice, looks done to me... I'm praying for Baby Bun... hopefully everyone will hang in there and things will be JUST FINE. My daughter was born at 34 weeks and did absolutely fine with no complications so just a few more weeks to hang in there and stay put! Poor little bun wants to see mommy and grandma!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

God Tracey, I have never seen a 3-D ultrasound before. I am in AWE!! I am sure that little bun will wait to come out. And you know how grumpy prego's can get. My daughter called me a MORON when she was pregnant and I don't let her forget it. lol

Tracey, the page is fantastic. Very creative and beautifully beaded.

I will be praying for you and your family to calmly make it through Jesse's issues.

xx, Carol

Robin said...

I've never seen better use of bugle beads, Tracey!!! The bow is spectacular, as is the whole piece. I love things that open on a piece... the doors are such a great idea!!!

I'm delighted to hear that little Bun and Jess are getting closer to the desired delivery time. This thing is binding your family together more than is usual with a birth. That's the good part, huh?!

a2susan said...

You may not be totally satisfied with your piece, but think of everything you learned and can apply to the next piece! Plus, we're our own harshest critics - I think the piece is beautiful.

I had a baby born at 28 weeks, back when 26 weeks was considered viable. The more time baby bun has to grow the better, but luckily there is so much knowledge about caring for preemies that I'm sure he (and Jess) will be fine if it comes to that.

Diane Lithgow said...

this is a wonderful piece. congratulations with the gentle colours.
diane, new zealand

Brenda said...

Beautiful page!
Your journal will be astounding!

Susan Elliott said...

My first impression of your piece was delight...I love the subject, the colors and the implementation. I thought the doors were really a neat way of expressing what really matters inside of it all...I can't really see the issue with the back side of the doors at all...if that helps you any.

Bed rest can be very very draining on everyone. I know Jess and Bun are so very glad that you are there to help and support them. Great job on all fronts!

Unknown said...

gorgeous work..
a baby ohhhhh how fun..

mona & the girls

Lynn said...

Poor Jess! that must be maddening! Make sure you tell her we all are cheering her on.

Your Feb piece is adorable! I want to feel it and open the doors. I think its wonderful :)