Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tagged...Not flagged!

Silly me! When I saw I was tagged by beadbabe49 my first thought was why? What did I do wrong...lol. I was confused thinking it was the same thing as being flagged by someone on Craig's List which is a no-no! Anyway, since I have absolutely no clue what I am doing, I will do my best to follow the rules! Forgive me if I mess it up! I need to post 7 unknown things about myself. Evidently I need to also tag 7 people who I would like to know more about and link to their blog. SO, the following people are now tagged by ME!

Lynn of beadingheartart
Kassie of The Beading Butterfly
Kim of running on ink
Julie of Angelamps
Rosalie of Beading with Rosalie
Pam of my sweet cherry blossom
Victoria of artntheheart

So now to the 7 little known facts about me:

1. I was married the first time at 16!
2. I am scared to death of centipedes and June bugs....shudder!
3. I love forensics shows and medical shows
4. I could spend every cent of money I have on home decorating supplies and would secretly love to be a professional decorator
5. I am very insecure about my bead work
6. I am a HUGE procrastinator about paying my bills
7. I wish I could have another baby (kind of too old now at 49!)
Man that was harder than I thought! Sorry to the people I tagged! Hugs to you all!


Anonymous said...

Man oh Man...I will think about seven interesting things and post tomorrow! You know Sam would come help out with any bugs for you! SMILE! Love you!

Jessica said...

Come on Mom..I know all of those things! Pick something I don't know :)

Tracey Leeder said...

Hahaha Jess! You dont think Im gonna give you any more juicy gossip do you? Very funny! Love you!

Lynn said...

Uh oh -- I don't think I even know 7 other bloggers!!! teehee

Stop on over to my blog to get the dirt on me (well at least the dirt I'm willing to show!!)

beadbabe49 said...

wow...number 5 just stunned me! your beadwork is fantabulous (your october bjp just blew me away)...you have nothing to be insecure about!

Jacquie said...

Tracey, number 5 surprised me as well, you have nothing to worry about with your beadwork! A baby at 49?? You are a brave soul!

Robin said...

I enjoyed reading your 7 things... These tag things, memes I think they're called, always seem to round out a blogger's character a bit. Thanks for being a good sport and doing it.

Robin A.

Timaree said...

I laugh at the June bugs because they make a beeline for my husband's head. We don't know why but they like him! There must be an online decorator's course you could take at least for the fun of it. Your beadwork is beautiful. It is your own style. And keep diving back into it, don't let insecurity ever talk you out of it.