Sunday, November 8, 2009

Many Updates!

Hi! Thanks for checking in with me. Once again on the prompting from my daughter Jess, I am updating my blog. Still no progress with my Bead Journals, seems bead work is just too frustrating to try to do with a little one around. Shes just too into whatever grandma is doing to resist "helping" me with everything I do! Don't get me wrong, I love all the attention, but it does get in the way of creativity!

I am so happy and surprised to tell you that Baby Bun has yet to make his appearance into the world. Jessica's Dr said hes just plain too cozy in there to come out, looks like hes gonna stay put for awhile yet. That's such great news since things were so scary in the beginning. Lets hope hes here by Thanksgiving. I think Jess is hoping so!

Here is a picture of Kileigh along with her beautiful mommy Courtney on Halloween this year. She was such a cute little ladybug. She had a blast trick-or-treating. She said her own version of trick-or-treat, said thank you and even blew kisses to some of the people handing out candy! I think she melted a few hearts because she got as many as 4 treats at many of the houses she went too! Such a little sweetheart!

Maddux is continuing to do remarkably well. he is now 10 months fever free! Yippee!

I am still wondering what shape and size piece I want to do for next years BJP. I just cant seem to come up with just the right idea yet. Stay tuned.....


courtney6188 said...

Little Bun is just going to wait until he's 10 lbs to make his appearence. :)

Bubba is just a tough man no more fevers for him :)

Haha your lucky you went in and changged it hah..starting to think you didnt love you other daughter :) Just kidding Momma Love you! :)

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--Kileigh wanted to comment too :)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hey you!! Good to hear from you. Glad all the updates are good.

The blog looks great. Very colorful. Whats up with the Edward Has My Neck Patch!!

I have two ideas for 2010 that I am see-sawing on. I may flip a coin!
XX, Carol

সুশান্ত কর said...

Kileigh looks beautiful with her Mom. About rest , I'm a stranger to understand much. I hope I'll in future!

Jessica said...

About time you update!! I better not have to continue to remind you every couple of weeks! Love you :)

beadbabe49 said...

Good news all around, yay!

I'm still pondering next year's bjp too, although I am leaning heavily toward a hand shape, I'm not sure of the size or what I'll do with it! Good thing we have lots of time yet to decide!

Kim Y. said...

Hey Sis...glad all is well! I always look forward to reading your & Jess's blogs to get caught up on things. I love FB too where I get even more info & pics. I sure hope Bun arrives this month since we're coming up at Christmas and it would be nice if he were about a month old by then! Wish we could have seen you last month, but it didn't work out. Love & miss you all!

Jacquie said...

Tracy...LOve the new look of your blog!!!!! I too have put BJP by the wayside, but I vow to catch up before January! babies come when they 'wanna come! nice hearing from you