Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 Dogs and a Cat!

Well, not really! That is just what I have worked on this week. The Siamese cat pattern I cannot take credit for. It is a pattern by Deb Moffet-Hall. The Dalmatian and Samoyed patterns are my own though! I cant seem to get away from making these pins. Someday I hope to do each breed recognized by AKC. That would be an accomplishment since there are currently 150+ breeds recognized by AKC. Yikes! May need to rethink that idea huh? I am still plugging away on my May BJP. I am not ready to post it though. I have more work to do before I will show you. Sorry! I want it to be a surprise for Jess when she sees it, since it is all about her! I know you are looking Jess...I can just feel it! Take care everyone!


Ginja Girl Designs said...

Your dog pins are amazing! What are the dimensions on them? I would love some info on purchasing the pattern for a Dachshund and Belgium Malinois

Anonymous said...

All you pins rock! I love the Siamese the best of course! Te he he!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I always love to see these little pins. Pet lovers just love to show they ARE pet lovers, don't we!

Terri said...

I love your pet pins! Are you selling the patterns? I have a miniature American Eskimo, which looks much like the Samoyed.
I haven't beaded in a while - I'm surfing the net for inspiration and found some here! Thanks!